Chicken Restaurants in Orlando, FL

Brazilian foodIf you are craving for a scrumptious meal from a quality chicken restaurant, Chicken Bites is the place to be! We’re proud to run the finest restaurant in Orlando, FL!

Many of our guests have enjoyed our diamond in the rough cuisine. Experiencing a mix of savory flavors, people come from all around to sample the excellent specials on our menu. We guarantee all of our famous dishes are made only from the freshest and finest ingredients because you deserve nothing less.

At Chicken Bites, we want to provide you with a full, friendly service accompanied by enticing dishes that will bring you back time and time again. If you enjoy our dishes so much that you just want everyone and anyone to know about how delicious your experience was, we offer food truck services for any special event you may have. Choose your favorites and let us do the rest!

Indulge in our offerings with family and friends at our welcoming Brazilian food restaurant. Dine with Chicken Bites in Orlando, FL today! This chicken wonder will become accessible to all through multiple food trucks and a distribution center based in FL. It is everything we need to make Chicken Bites a new national passion.

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